The Website Unveiling

We are so happy to launch our newly redesigned website,  Featuring a brand new look, more information on our services and collections, plus a portfolio filled with some of our previous work.   

We wanted to create a website that was simple to use and services were easy to find.  
The ABOUT page is self explanatory and tells you all about us and includes a little mood board! The House of COCOLILY is a lifestyle marketing agency based out of Toronto.  We craft beautiful brands with style and grace. We wanted to bring a one stop shop for all of your marketing and branding requirements - including bespoke packages. 

WHAT WE DO goes into a brief summary of The House and everything we can assist clients with.  This includes photography, website design, marketing consulting, graphic design, social media, professional and business branding, plus content writing for your business collateral and websites. 
We primarily serve clients in fashion, travel, hospitality, weddings, wellness, family, real estate, beauty and the events industry.   



The SERVICES category has a drop down and goes into full detail of everything we offer and can assist the small business and entrepreneur with.  This includes Brand DesignMarketingPhotographyCreative ServicesWebsite DesignSocial Media and we included an A La Carte Menu.

The COLLECTIONS are bespoke packages we put together and are ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses who require assistance with graphic design and some marketing.  This includes hotels, catering companies and venues as we have one that is geared towards that industry; The Hospitality.  We also have The Design, which is primarily branding and design and The Holiday - geared towards Christmas and all other holidays.  

We also added a Portfolio - which is a gallery of some of the things we've worked on and includes event marketing, marketing management, website design, branding and photography - everything we love!

The Journal is our House Blog and we generally put up our Love Lists here!  

Browse while sipping your coffee, tea or smoothie and we hope to work with you soon xxo, The House Family.

The House Team