Summer Marketing Series : One

Here are a few tips to get you started in the marketing department for the summer season.

  1. Be consistent on social media.
    Don't forget to post daily - especially on Instagram - and frequently pitch your products or services. Build a visually appealing brand and share useful content - don't be afraid to pitch your own brand sometimes.  You can authentically build your brand and attract the ideal clients by being authentic in your messaging, photos and overall brand.
  2. Find a kindred spirit service provider to partner up with.
    Let's say you are a retail shop, you can partner with a local cafe and do cross-promotions, pop-up shops together, etc.  The summer season is the ideal time to find a complementary service to partner with.
  3. Join niche-related groups on LinkedIn.
    Take part in the group questions, answers, tips, and post news about your business.
  4. Utilize Pinterest if you are in the fashion, beauty, photography, food, design or similar lifestyle related business.  
    Pins have a longer life cycle than Facebook posts or tweets.  Pinners continue to share your content long after you have pinned it.  
  5. Don't forget those business cards.
    When you're out and about during the summer - be sure to carry your business cards with you because you never know. 
The House Team